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January 10, 2019 2 min read

Does your little one need a night light? If so, what are the best nightlights for babies? 

Nursery shopping can be loads of fun. From choosing a theme to color swatches, decorating a baby's nursery can be a blast of fun for new and experienced mums. One product that many parents purchase due to its increasing popularity and widespread availability is a baby nightlight. Although, some parents are unsure whether putting a nightlight in their child's nursery is good for their little one. So, should you purchase a decorative nightlight? If you do decide to get one, which nightlights are the best for babies?

Why You Should Get a Nightlight

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Nightlights provide reassurance in the dark: Let's face it, feeling safe and secure is one of the basic 'criteria' to being able to sleep. Imagine trying to sleep in a room where you feel threatened by ghosts and monsters! If your child appears to sleep poorly at night, and you think he/she may not feel safe - like during a separation anxiety phase, a nightlight often does the trick well. 

Minimal stimulation during night time awakenings: This is essential for more and better sleep for baby and you. For those night time feeds or middle-of-the-night bathroom visits, what you need is just enough light to safely tend to your baby or make it to the bathroom and back. What you definitely do not need is to be fully awakened by bright light. 

Some babies may appear calmer when a nightlight is on. Furthermore, having a dim light in the nursery allows your baby to get some visual stimulation when he or she is awake in the crib. This way, your baby may be able to entertain him- or herself for a while by gazing up at the mobile or taking in the view of the nursery.


Things to Watch Out For in a Nightlight

pet3dleds pug nightlight

An infant's circadian rhythm, or body clock, needs to be properly set to enable a baby to begin sleeping less during the day and more at night. Some medical experts believe that avoiding bright lights at night is critical to helping a baby establish better sleeping patterns by distinguishing night (sleep time) from day (play time). Keeping a bright light on in your baby's room may result in a less restful sleep for your little one. Melatonin is a hormone made by the pineal gland , a small gland in the brain. Melatonin helps control your sleep and wake cycles. It essentially aids our deep sleep, ensuring that we wake up well rested.

Melatonin production is disrupted when an environment is well lit. Thus, in purchasing a nightlight, you should ensure that:

  1. You buy one that is very dim that you don't see it through your eyelids when you shut your eyes
  2. It is bright enough to help you tend to your baby at night without needing to switch on brighter lights

A gentle dim nightlight that is on all night is advisable. 

Top 10 Baby Nightlights

So you are ready to take the plunge? Ensure you get a nightlight that complies with our 2 major criteria above. Test your preferred nightlight in a dark room for more accurate assessment. 

As a guide, see our post here on our top 10 baby nightlights.

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