Today is Senior Pug Appreciation Day

Showing some love to our dear older pugs....

These 11 adorable pug photos prove that they are no different from you and I!

1. They are not really old……..they are just experienced and famous
pet3dleds pug nightlight

zombiewendy / Via


2. Even after 1000+ baths, they still get dirty
pet3dleds pug nightlight

Footdemlins / Via


3. ….but that’s all good, bath time is fun!

pet3dleds pug nightlight


4. They nap when they need some rest, or don’t want to do their homework

pet3dleds pug nightlight

SirLaxer / Via


5. …..or after a day outside playing and having fun

pet3dleds pug nightlight

pappardalle / Via


6. And when it’s summertime, they love to go outside and play

pet3dleds pug nightlight

ShoTaRA / Via


7. They may be covered in grey fur….

pug nightlight

SpaghettiTuesday- / Via


8. But that just means they are eminent and distinguished

 pet3dleds pug nightlight

all_of_the_elbows / Via


9. Bedtime means snuggle-time

pet3dleds pug nightlight

Croppy / Via

10. In the end, no matter how old they get….

pug nightlight

MissSteakVegetarian / Via


11. ….they will always be your baby

pug nightlight pug gifts puglover

HannahRNBSN / Via